It is a privilege and honor to have the opportunity to write this article as the Worshipful Master of Washington Lodge 70. Our Lodge has the unique honor of not having a repeat Master for 117 years. This is an accomplishment that we as a Lodge do not take for granted, and I promise you that it is a responsibility that I will not take for granted. I have imagined myself occupying the Oriental Chair since I was initiated as an Entered Apprentice. I just knew that it was something that I wanted to have the opportunity to do. After working through the chairs in the officer line (most of them, that is), I feel that I have gained the experience to do right by the office and by you, my Brothers.


I have been thinking for a long while about what I would like to accomplish as the Master of this Lodge. I feel that we should do more that just make Masons, not that that is something to be taken lightly. While there are lessons to be learned by taking in and absorbing the ritual that we hear accompanying each degree, there is still a vast world of Masonic knowledge that we can begin to tap into, either through the expertise of our own Brothers, or by bringing in our Brothers from other Lodges. It is my intent that we receive more light in this manner. I plan on tapping into our Historian and new Custodians of the Work to help us to learn more about our own Lodge. I am in the process of arranging speakers from other Lodges in the state to come and give presentations on various Masonic topics. These are intended to foster conversation and curiosity amongst the craft, feeding into our constant quest for more light.


There will be a revamping of some of the aspects of Lodge communication. I have, and will continue to be the person who manages email and “call-em-all” communications. The Grand Lodge is in the process of reworking the form of Lodge websites and calendars. The new calendar will be a Google calendar, which can be easily shared with Brothers, allowing the option to view in your cell phone’s calendar app. The old Joomla website will be replace by WordPress, which will be easier to manage and update. I will outline all of these technological updates and how they affect you during an upcoming Stated Communication. I can also offer you help regarding to how best access our shared Lodge calendar on your various devices.


As always, you can reach out to me by sending a message to I look forward to serving you during this upcoming year!




Steve Matthews

Worshipful Master 2017

Washington Lodge 70