I am extremely honored to be elected as Worshipful Master for this coming year. I wish to thank all of the Brothers for their support and confidence in me. I will work very hard to make this a great year. I would like to congratulate Senior Warden Joe Difraia and Junior Warden Mark Keenan on their election to their offices and am looking forward to working with them. I want to thank all of the Officers for agreeing to hold their respective office for the coming year. Their support and hard work is what makes Washington Lodge run smoothly and achieve great things. One of my goals for this year is to reach out to our elderly Brothers and Widows. I would like them to know that the Lodge cares about them and would love to see them be able to attend some functions. I know there is an abundance of Brothers who would be willing to help in transporting anyone that needs a ride. We will assist in any manner we are able, to help a Brother or Widow that is in need of some extra help. It might be some task around the house, giving a ride to a Doctor’s appointment, some conversation, etc. I am also planning to do some traveling to other lodges for visitations. I would plan to do bus trips so we can all travel together and enjoy fellowship both coming and going as well. I would like to see us visit the other ancient Lodges of Ct in Woodstock and New Haven, so we can see the differences and similarities of our rituals. We will be working diligently with our newest members to advance them through the degrees and make their experience a rewarding and memorable experience. I ask the Brothers to come out and support our newest Brothers, let them see what makes our fraternity great, go out of your way to make them feel welcome and part of the group. Don’t let them sit alone in Lodge or be alone downstairs before and after the meetings, introduce them to other Brothers, offer help to them if they need it, get them involved with the Lodge. Brothers, we also must be looking for good men who would be interested in joining our Fraternity. If you know someone that you feel would be a good Mason, introduce them to Masonry. Bring them to Lodge functions that are open to them so they can meet Brothers and learn the many things that we do. We are looking for quality members, not quantity. I encourage any Brothers that have ideas of activities or things they would like to see the Lodge do, to please let myself or any other officer know of your ideas. This is your Lodge and I want to do what interest you. Finally, I would like to thank WM Steve Matthews and all the Past Masters who have done so much for our Lodge. Without them, this Lodge would not be where we are today. I think we have one of the greatest and strongest Lodges around, and this would not been possible without their hard work. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing every Brother in Lodge.


Sterling Viets

Worshipful Master – 2018